Let’s finish up
It’s only right if it’s finished right
The world of flexible packaging in digital printing
Finishing using the newest machines

After the digital printing process, we can finish the printed sheet in the following ways:

Solvent-free laminating system

We’ll create the composite film you need for your products.
Sheet width min. – max. 450 – 1310 mm

Looking for pure contract lamination? 

Not a problem either. Using the newest technology, you can get your composite in little to no time.

Coating and laminating machines

We finish packaging film:

  • controlled partial cold seal coating
  • Total and partial lamination
    (gloss varnish, matt varnish, paper touch matt varnish, 2K varnish, release varnish and protective varnish)

Sheet width min. – max. 400 – 1310 mm

Slitter rewinder

Sheet width min. – max. 500 – 1450 mm